Wholesale Silver and Pewter Trophies, Mint Julep Cups, and Baby Goods

Silver spinner manufacturing mint julep cups

At Sterling & Pewter Fine Goods, we manufacture all of our silver and pewter products by hand at our workshop in Meriden, CT. Working with us, you will have access to the best artisans in the country with a lifetime of experience working both sterling silver and pewter.

Our current wholesale customers include jewelers, yacht clubs, trophy retailers, award galleries, online retailers, sports tournaments, animal shows, and more.

Wholesale Silver and Pewter Products

Wholesale mint julep cups pewter

Our wholesale silver products include trophies, mint julep cups, Paul Revere bowls, baby cups, baby plates, tankards, goblets, plates, trays, Jefferson cups, baby porringers, and more. Products can be finished in either bright/mirror or satin/grey finish.

A comprehensive list of our products can be found on sterlingandpewter.com.

Besides our own tools, we can use chucks, stamping dies, or molds that you give us. We can also design and make new toolings for specific projects.

Pewter and Silver Trophies

Colonial Loving Cup

Colonial Loving Cup

TR700 Series Trophy

TR700 Loving Cup Trophy

TR620 Series Loving Cup

TR620 Loving Cup Trophy Pewter or Silver

Baby Goods

Baby Cups

Baby Plate

Mint Julep Cups

Production Capacity

We have the capacity to accept even the largest volume jobs. Being centrally located in the historical hub of the silver industry grants us easy access to talented artisans for a scalable workforce.

We do not have a minimum order size.

Wholesale Pricing

Please call or email for access to our wholesale pricing. Both digital and hard copies are available.

Phone: (203) 630-6565

Email: service@sterlingandpewter.com

Sterling & Pewter Fine Goods

Our production design lines include Preisner Silver, Connecticut House Pewter, and Valerio Albarello.

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